Anonymous said: I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm looking for Dean/Cas fics that are complete, not too long (preferably under three chapters), and FUCKING AWESOME. Smut is definitely a plot. I've read everything by Rageprufrock and was wondering if you have any good recommendations for a similar style.

The Open Sky (Is Mine Tonight) or Peanut Better Pumpkin Wedding Cake are always some of my go-tos when i want to read something like rageprufrock’s Asunder (which is one of my favourite fics ahh!!), and Something Stupid and The Clint Eastwood Effect, both remind me something of the tone of The Girlfriend Experience! but also if you just want a really nice mid-length fic, look no further than the deeply satisfying The Distance Of The Setting Sun :’)

  1. oranges8hands said: For similar narrative voice I’d say The Way the War was Won by deans1911 - AO3 #543844
  2. admiralspock said: sitting here proudly as one of my girlfriend’s fics are recced :’)