The impala.

This is #7 on the colour palette meme thing. [x] 

I need more practice so I’m going to turn this into my own little art challenge and try to go through all those palettes.


A fan asked Misha why he thought Cas was chosen to save Dean. He said originally he thought Cas might have been his guardian angel or that Cas was leering from the clouds and was “I volunteer for that!”



Anonymous said: social worker!dean is one of my favorite things, like because Dean and Sam should have been in foster care but Dean didn't want to say anything because the system was messed up, so when he grows up he decides to be a social worker so that he can help kids like him and maybe help fix things aah

Dean working with kids in any respect is the fastest way to my heart but omg yes as a social worker is so perfect. one of the first fics i ever read for Dean/Cas Dean was a social worker liaison in Cas’ hospital and ever since that has stuck with me as the perfect job for him. helping people and helping kids <3

Anonymous said: ok i don't know how foster care works in the US but dean and cas as foster parents (bc that would make sense, dean should have been taken away from his father and dean was so happy in that boy home) BUT: dean being loving but strict enough and cas taking care of small kids who are confused and miss their own parents. dean and cas just having so much love that they can give it to everyone in need of help. Dean and cas making sure that all kids that have lived with them have a brighter future.

yes!!!!!!!!! i’m actually writing a fic just like that right now for the dcbb omg ;u; DEAN AND CAS BUILDING A HOME FULL OF LOVE <3

""We’ve been describing the [200th] episode as ‘musical-ish.’ it’s very much what we consider to be a love-letter to the fans." says Carver. "Technically in the season opener, there’s singing and music involved as well," says Ackles. "And a little rump shaking," adds Carver. "Apparently Demon Dean likes to karaoke," Ackles says."" x

"Apparently Demon Dean likes to karaoke"