idk what it says about me that the second i saw this my literal first thought was that Cas would definitely own it


i have so many emotions about dean and cas going on a camping trip  together and the roadtrip getting there

  • dean teaching cas all his favorite songs
  • cas smiling at dean’s offkey singing
  • babes stopping at the farmer’s stand on the side of the road to get peaches
  • dean kissing peach juice off of cas’ pink lips!!!
  • cas using his fancy iphone that sam got him to navigate them
  • dean insisting that they stop at the store that sells only cheese so they can try every sample
  • cas convincing dean to pull off on a dirt road so they can explore an old barn and maybe give each other bj’s
  • dean grumbling when a tree scrapes the top of the impala on the long and windy road to the river
  • cas kissing the corner of his mouth until he’s not grumpy anymore
  • both of them acting so coupley that the nice old lady at the camping ground gives them the honeymoon discount
  • dean finding them a spot right by the river that’s canopied by beautiful oaks and and hickories and black walnut trees
  • cas bolting out of the car before it’s even stopped to race down to the river like a little kid
  • dean following his angel down to the riverbank with a smile on his face because cas looks so damn peaceful standing barefoot in the shallows
  • the two of them standing back to chest as the river runs around their ankles until dean reminds cas that they still need to set up their camp before it gets dark
  • dean insisting he can put the tent up by himself but changing his mind when one very angry tent pole smacks him in the head
  • cas trying not to laugh at the red mark or the grimace on dean’s face but failing miserably
  • dean and cas meeting and befriending the southern man who owns the general store where they buy s’more materials while their air mattress blows up
  • dean leading the way back to camp while benny gives cas and the blown up mattress a ride in the back his old truck
  • benny winking at the couple as he drives back up the dirt path to the general store
  • dean and cas giving each other handjobs on their freshly made up bed to christen the tent
  • dean slipping out of the tent while cas dozes so he can go find some firewood for their campfire
  • only to come back and see cas skinny dipping in the middle of the river in the light of the setting sun
  • dean feeling his heart get all fluttery when cas comes out of the river soaking wet, tan skin shining beautifully in the fading sunlight and gorgeous blue eyes locked on him
  • dean and cas momentarily abandoning the whole campfire idea in lieu of cas fucking dean slow and sweet on their mattress so they don’t accidentally pop it
  • dean and cas building the fire together and snuggling against each other on their loveseat fold out chair
  • dean kissing the marshmallow goo off of cas’ lips
  • cas pulling a sleepy dean into their sleeping bag and spooning up behind him
  • dean falling asleep to the sound of crickets and cicadas chirping in the night and with the warmth of cas at his back

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.” — Ursula K. Le Guin  (via thatkindofwoman)


VanCon 2014 [x]

It all begins when Dean gets a little drunk at an airport bar before he has to fly to see Sammy (normally he’d drive, but his nephew’s just been born and he doesn’t know if he can wait that long to see him and Sam’s big goofy smile at becoming a dad).

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sometimes almost literally nothing can set me off like i’m having a normal conversation with someone and they’re like “how are you today” and i’m like “fine, i really love dean… OH MY GOD I LOVE DEAN WINCHESTER SO MUCH" and i’m suddenly in a horrible dean spiral

FINALLY got in-n-out on my last day in California AND IT WAS INDEED AMAZING

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i’m sure there has been lots of famous stuff filmed here but nothing matters as much as STAR TREK *u*

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