weird i know hahaha


did a palette thing (#13??) just for myself :) these babes


Sam’s jacket appreciation

Anonymous said: How can you afford so many vacations? You must be filthy rich.

haha omg i wish. this year is the first time i’ve been on vacation in 5 years! and my family has spent those 5 years and more saving up to do this, for turkey is my dad’s dream trip, and ireland was my mom’s! ;u;

Anonymous said: Cas in a giant bundle of blankets in front of the fire bc it's winter and the heat went out also he's snuggling with for warmth holla


Castiel definitely is someone who piles on the blankets even when he’s not hot, just to get cozy. Of course, sleeping with Dean has made it a little more difficult to indulge, for his body runs hotter than Castiel’s own, and therefore spooned up against each other there’s little need for Castiel’s traditional cover excess.

Which is why, as much as Castiel dislikes the nip of winter against his now human skin, he’s come to yearn for its season. Because Castiel may not like the cold especially, but Dean? He hates it. Which is why on a cold winter’s day, it is Dean insisting they cuddle under covers, cocooned in soft cotton and lulled into bliss by the feeling of skin on skin. For there is something to be said about being cozy and warm while wrapped in blankets, but there’s something even better to be said when wrapped around Dean ;u;


fringe is such an odd show but not like because of the sci-fi-y aspects

but because there are scenes and arcs with a main character losing their child and grieving their child

but at the same there’s an episode that’s literally called lsd and everyone is high except for spock, who died and is inhabiting the body of his best friend’s son’s girlfriend

what are you fringe

also a 5th c. monastery on top of a mountain !!

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visited an old 5th c. CE church in the middle of nowhere all overgrown with plants and trees and it was beautiful ;u;

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Artist: Wolf Gang
Title: Last Bayou
Album: Black River EP

don’t care what the elders have to say
their rules don’t bend so they just break